About Us

  • Friscodresses combines the dreams of each couple with the magic of happiness, decorates countless happiness vows, concludes the perfect wishes of lovers, and creates your century dream wedding dress.

    Frisco dresses introduces all kinds of brand-name wedding dresses full of taste to dress up the dreams of each couple in the most perfect colors, just like a dazzling angel, light in this hall of happiness. Different situations with different atmosphere expressions lead to the eternal ideal future with the happiest attitude. Love in Frisco dresses... Personally buried a deep moving origin. We promise to make every couple feel honored and high-quality service. We know that what guests want is not gorgeous colors, but a memory of their own youth and happiness.

    Since its establishment, friscodresses has won the praise and favor of customers with high-quality products, perfect service, the latest concept and the most favorable price. It plays an important role in Wenzhou wedding dress market. Of course, in the future, we will make every wedding dress according to higher requirements and wholeheartedly meet the requirements of our customers. We will be happy to provide all the help we can. It is Frisco dresses' dream to make you satisfied all your life.

    Friscodresses and the host bring the new trend of wedding dress, serve every guest with the purpose of fashion, professionalism, joy and sincerity, and create a good memory for each couple with the business philosophy of reassurance because of their intentions. Real consumption; Sincere brand reputation; Fashionable and beautiful personalized wedding dress, intimate service.

    New life, new starting point, new concept, love to weave beautiful dreams for you with all new things! Many years later, whenever you open the memories brought by friscodresses, you can have the romance and warmth of "holding your son's hand and growing old with your son", which will become friscodresses's dream, and will always strive for it and be proud of it!